Frances "Biba" Lee, LCSW



My name is Biba (Frances) Lee, and I am a clinical social worker providing psychotherapy services. 

I received both my degrees from The University of Houston and gained incredible experiences from volunteer work, field practicums and from my post graduate work. I had incredible opportunities to work in the fields of domestic violence, homelessness, outpatient clinics, in schools with "at-risk" youth, both private and public psychiatric hospitals, and now spend my time serving on a corporate critical incident team and in private practice in the Memorial area of Houston.

I am a very patient, adaptable and experienced therapist. My approach, along with my 25 years of experience, which grants me knowledge and skill, lends itself to working collaboratively with clients to find a place of understanding, growth and healing. I work to recenter and rebalance clients and help to the right tools that work for each individual.

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